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Coleson, my youngest grandson on his first day of Preschool.📚🍅🚌

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He is st my #mcm any day of the week!

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You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it!


Rip Robin Williams

Happy Birthday Anelizabeth!
I love you and hope you have a great day!

Pray for Ethan!

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Classroom Back-To-School Teacher Pen Bouquet

This Post & Pictures are of a “Pen Bouquet” I made for my daughter’s classroom.

She had a plastic bucket she bought at the Dollar tree for $1 and 3 Packs of Bic Pens (12 each) she bought for $1 per pack at the Dollar Tree.
She planned to use the bucket to hold the Pens for Parent Orientation.
I had the idea to attach Daisies to the end of each pen to make a bouqet and to decorate and label the bucket. Also, if the parents are anything like me at Parent orientation, they wouldn’t remember to teplace the pen. This way the teacher can have a bouquet of pens for a long time to come!! (Or at LEAST maybe until Christmas Break).

How did I do it?
1. I bought 5 bunches of different size Daises at The Dollar Tree to attach to the end of the Pens.
2. I used some scrapbooking materials and Lettering I already had to place the Word PENS on one side and Mrs. Whaley (My daughter’s name) on the other side. I also used some other scrpbooking stickers I had to decorate around the lettering.
3. I clipped off the flowers about 2 inches below the flower and just taped them with scotch tap to the end of the pens.
4. My plan was to wrap floral tape over the scotch tape when I finished, however I “lost” my floral tape somewhere between my craft closet and my work station so I made do with some green pipe cleaners I had on hand.

I think the final product much cuter than a plain bucket of pens. It will probably keep parents from taking a pen home although I can actually see myself walking out of school orientation with a pen- flower and all- overwhelmed with fees and calanders and schedules with thoughts of voluteering to chaperone on the mountain climbing adventure…. Anyway, I honestly think it may make a good teacher gift. I will make a late entry and let you know what my daughter says after Parent Orientation.
Comments welcome!
Happy crafting and may you have a bland school year :)).

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Lunch with mom after buying Law School Books 😜

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